Sydney Celebrates the Year of the Snake

Few cities are as vibrantly alive and enthusiastically multi-cultural as Sydney, Australia. Few events show off those traits better than the city’s celebration of Chinese New Year. Granted, Sydney has perhaps the largest Chinese community outside the mainland – about 6% of Sydney’s population and the various Chinese dialects are the second most spoken languages…


Tilghman Island Inn

Profile of David McCallum and his award-winning retreat, the Tilghman Island Inn. Originally published in Chesapeake Taste. Tilghman Island is about as remote a spot as one can find on the Eastern Shore. Home for generations of watermen, the air on Tilghman Island is scented with salt and crab. Driveways are made of oyster shells;…

A Capital Pleasure: Dogs in DC

Tongue lolling, plumed tail wagging, our 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Duke, trotted toward the ducks in the Reflecting Pool near the Washington Monument. He tentatively tapped the water with his paw, but decided against a swim.

Our capital visit was Duke’s first foray into city life. My husband, Ron, and I worried about how he’d react, but Duke took to the bustling metropolis like a candidate takes to campaign rallies. Tourists stopping to pet Duke